Coil Springs

We first began supplying to our customers in the beginning of 2008. Presently, we have more than 50 machines used for making coil springs of diameters ranging from 0.08 to 40. We are specialised in making precision springs. The person-in-charge of coil springs has more than 30 years of experience (and he has been stationed in Thailand for the past 15 years). Other post-processing services include gold plating of the springs.

Product Sample

Compression coil spring

Tension coil spring

Conical spring

Since the conical spring has a conical shape, it is less likely to bend with respect to the load. It also has the characteristic of allowing more deflection than general compression springs. However, due to its shape, it is difficult to use in narrow and narrow places.

Battery spring

The battery spring is used in the minus part of the battery socket, and is a compression spring that has both battery holding and current-carrying functions. The shape is conical and it is also a kind of conical spring. Many of them have a nickel-plated surface to increase the electrical conductivity.

Composite spring

Torsion spring

Forming type

Gold Plating