Unchanged response

Unchanged response

There is a replacement of the person in charge due to the difficulty of overseas relationship. In our company, 80% of the Japanese people, including the representative, chose to live in Korat instead of being stationed there. Even if you come back years later, we will welcome you with confidence.

Reliable perfoamance

Reliable perfoamance

As a result of actively accepting transferred molds since our founding, we can make molds without drawings without any problems. Over the past 25 years, we have produced over 2,000 molds.

Abundant facilities

Abundant facilities

We have more than 100 press machines in all 9 factories, welding, painting, assembly, coil springs, etc. We have equipment that can meet various requests.



Korat Matsushita has started in 1997 and had only 3 press machines. Present day, we are in business more than 20 years at KORAT (Nakorn Ratchasima Province). We have grown with our customers and employees. More than 100 modern and high technology press machines, coil spring machines, welding, painting, sheet metal works and others for various customer needs.

We have decided to become, as much as possible, the “WAKYO” company that has planted its roots firmly in Thailand. “I am as the founder KORAT MATSUSHITA, I have decided to continue to live in Thailand together with our customers and employees, I will build up a company that is rooted in this country Bearing in mind the pride of small and medium Japanese enterprises, the corporate culture that takes on any form of challenges together with the employees like one big family and the making of products that satisfy customers, we will work hard in our day-to-day production.”

Our parent company, which is based in Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, has state-of-the-art facilities and has accumulated more than 50 years of technical experience. Our strengths are capabilities of development as Japan coupled with the low cost and high quality manufacturing capabilities as Thailand. With the cooperation between Japan and Thailand, we will meet various needs by using state-of -the art facilities and reliable technology.

We will bring “smiles” to everyone with whom we are in touch, not only our customers in Thailand, Japan but overseas also. Otherwise, we will bring it to the country of Thailand, the region of Korat, our employees and their family members as well.

This is our company’s aim and we will devote ourselves to strive with the company as one concerted effort.

President : Hiroshi Matsushita


Our factory is located in Korat ( Nakorn Ratchasima Province) which referred to as the “Gateway to Isan”. It is about 250 km from Bangkok. It is easily accessible from Ayutthaya, Prachinburi and Chonburi, where many Japanese manufacturers are located.

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What is the size of the mold that can be processed?

We can make from small mold 0.5t to molds over 2m for 300t.

How long is the lead time for the manufacturing of a mold?

It takes about one month with a standard mold.

Do you sell molds externally?

Yes, we sell.


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